21 January 2016

Katie is Four Months Old!

Happy New Year, guys! This is a slightly delayed post because I've been having trouble with Internet at home. Anyway, Katie turned 4 months old! This little girl was busy over the holidays, meeting family in Manila. There are also quite a few exciting developments these past few weeks.


Katie took her first plane ride to Manila! I should have taken a picture of her in the plane, but I was too preoccupied with making sure she was comfortable that I totally forgot. We did manage to take a picture in the terminal before and after the flight. I hope I won't forget when she goes on her first international flight next month. We are happy to report that Katie was quite behaved during the flight. She did cry out when the plane landed, but I think that was due to boredom, not necessarily because of air in her ears. Thankfully, the lady who sat beside us was so nice and didn't mind Katie's noise.
Before the flight with Daddy. After arrival with Mommy

We stayed for a few nights at the Intercon Hotel, which was closing for good at the end of 2015. At least we got to take Katie and have pictures in this landmark before it's gone.

Last look at the Intercon
Christmas was spent with my family, and Katie got to meet her cousins and aunts.  New Year was uneventful, at least for Katie, who greeted 2016 sleeping. She wasn't bothered by the fireworks at all.

With cousins. And a solo picture on Christmas morning

With Grandmas and Uncle

Christmas Dinner

We attended two weddings! I have to commend her Daddy for being such a good partner. We managed to have a strategy on how to handle Katie on these occasions. We took turns eating, and taking Katie out of the room when things got too loud. I tell you it's very important to talk to your husband/partner to help out when you travel. I am super thankful that her Dad was eager to do so. I didn't have to worry about cleaning bottles and preparing her milk, and I managed to get some much-needed sleep when Katie woke up at dawn.

With Daddy at wedding #1 and #2

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this month was Katie rolling over on her own!I think she wanted to reach one of her stuffed toys, and before I knew it, there she was on her tummy. The thing is, she likes doing this a lot these days, that she wakes up at 5 in the morning just to show me her new skill.

She is also sleeping for longer stretches at night now, which means, I get to sleep longer too! Yey for Mommy!

I have been putting away a lot of her infant clothes, as they don't fit her anymore. There's a little bit of sadness there, the knowledge that she's growing up fast. But there's also excitement for new things she'll discover and the many outfits she'll start to wear (side note: she has more clothes than I do!).

Next month, we travel again. I'm on research overdrive on how to get babies to overcome jetlag, how to check if she's warm enough, and packing winter clothes without paying for excess luggage. But for now, here's Katie's cupcake shot for this month!

This is how she really wanted her picture taken


  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Hi! I saw your comment on Deepa's blog and found out that you are moving here in NZ. Im an ex-SG girl too! I really enjoyed your recipe/food posts! Hope to meet you here -Amidala:)

    1. Hi Amidala! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you visit my new blog, Notesfromourcorner.com. Will tackle more about our life in NZ (so far) in that blog.

  2. Katie is so beautiful, I can't actually take my eyes of her lovely face <3!!

    1. Hi Agness! Thanks for your nice words about Katie. Sorry for the late reply, I've been moving my blog to a new home on the web. You can visit NotesFromourcorner.com for more updates. See you!


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