19 December 2015

Katie is Three Months Old!

It's a few days before Christmas and Katie has just turned three months old! While we're waiting for her dad to come home, this is the result of our mini photoshoot at home. I had to dress her up for Christmas, it will be her first one, after all.

This past month, the Baby Einstein video has been playing constantly at home. She is fascinated by the colors, and the puppets. In the mornings, she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and she wiggles in her seat whenever she hears the Hotdog Song (I have memorized the lyrics by now!).

This past month, Katie has met Lolo(Grandpa) from my side, as well as her Tita Elaine and Tito Ian, when they came over for her baptism. Soon, she'll meet more relatives from both mine and JP's side when we go to Manila for the holidays.

A decent shot of Katie in baptismal outfit

We are slowly starting to take her out of the house to see the outside world, as there are times when she seems restless even with the toys and videos at home. She gets a car ride almost every afternoon and  a stroller ride in the nearby Rustan's to catch the morning sun. Actually, I want to take her out into a park, a beach or any open space where there's fresh air and she can really look around. I'm quite new to driving around Cebu, so I'm still looking for a park to take her to. As for the beach, we'll probably wait when her dad can come with us. For now, these short car rides will do.

In a few days, we'll be going to Manila to attend two(!) weddings, and visit relatives. I am already obsessing over Katie's packing list, and reading up on how to soothe a baby during take off and landing, that sort of thing. I think this is going to be exciting for all of us, there won't be a nanny with us, so it's just going to be JP and me taking care of her. I guess we should start practicing now, since that's how it's going to be when we move.
And now, we're off to the airport to pick up her Daddy. It's the start of our Christmas holiday, folks! We hope you have a good one!

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