24 November 2015

Saying Goodbye to Singapore-The Food Edition, Part 2

There are a LOT of different food places in the Lion City, so you'll definitely be spoilt for choice. But of course, finding the good stuff is always a case of trial and error. Today, let me show you my absolute favourite restaurant dishes in Singapore. I'm a pretty open-minded eater--I'll try anything once. But once I find something really good,  I wouldn't mind having it over and over.

Here are the few that have a special place in my heart stomach.

Fruit Tarts at Fruit Paradise
Fruit Tarts Fruit Paradise Singapore
I first got a taste of these when it opened in 2008 at the Fruit Paradise branch in Orchard Central mall. Their display window lures you in to try out their tarts. Ever since then, it has become my go-to place for desert or afternoon tea on weekends. Their fruit tarts are magical, I tell you. Choose between chocolate or cream-based tarts, but really, why not have both? I usually pair it with a pot of rose-flavoured tea. Seriously, it is a must try when you are in Singapore.

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Mala Roast Chicken at Asian Kitchen
Mala Roast Chicken Asian Kitchen

If you're in the CBD area, head on over to the nearest Asian Kitchen branch and try out their mala roast chicken (some branches offer roast duck). My officemates and I used to frequent their Raffle Place branch.  Pair the roast chicken with their signature chilli garlic sauce, and it is like a hug from an old friend  telling you your technical issues at work will all be resolved soon enough. Haha.

Caesar Salad with Salmon at Marche
Caesar Salad Marche Singapore
Marche is a great dining concept--you get a card upon entry, go to the different booths and have it swiped when you order.  I order the Caesar Salad with Salmon every time we go to their 313 branch, the guy who mans the salad station goes "you again!" when he sees me approaching. The salad is made right in front of you, so you can have it customized according to your taste. The dressing is just right, but I think the best thing about it is the fresh garlic that they put in the mix. Never mind the garlic breathe you'll have afterwards.
Char Siu Ramen at Ajisen

Char Siu Ramen

There's been a rising trend with ramen these past couple of years in Singapore. But JP and I just go for the basic, cheap, no frills ramen at Ajisen. Some say it's a bit salty, but to me, it's just right. On rainy days when we were lazy to cook, we headed over to Ajisen at  the mall near our place. Sadly, the branch closed down a couple of months ago. So we had to go out into the CBD to get our ramen fix.
Chocolate Cake at Awfully Chocolate
Ok, the thing you have to know about cakes in Singapore -- they are expensive! Theirs is not like Goldilocks or Red Ribbon where you can get a whole (and yummy) cake for about Php 300. A whole cake in Singapore sells for about S$25 minimum! And it's quite small.
Now the chocolate cake at Awfully Chocolate costs about S$34, and that's just a small, 6-inch cake. A bigger one, about 8 inches, is about S$60. That's expensive! A slice of their cake is about S$8. Quite expensive for a small piece, but it is worth it, in my opinion. I consider it a real treat when JP buys this for me.
Chocolate Cake slices--heavenly and worth every dollar
Flourless Chocolate Cake Awfully Chocolate Singapore
Flourless chocolate cake--also yummy! 
Oh, they also have Flourless Chocolate Cake, which is also heavenly. Who cares about the flour, the chocolate is the star!
Truffle Fries

No ordinary fries--Truffle Fries! 
I purposely did not put any specific restaurant for this, simply because I will order it as long as I see it on a restaurant's menu. Over the past few years, we have taken on the brunch culture that's a growing trend in Singapore (or maybe it's not a trend, we just got on the bandwagon a little bit late). Anyway, most restaurants that serve brunch will almost always have their own version of truffle fries. You can order it separately or as a side to your breakfast dish. 
There you have it, my favourite restaurant dishes in Singapore. I will always have good memories of my years in Lah-lah land, if only for the food adventures I had in it. But the food is just a part of my experience in the city. The beautiful spaces, the interesting (and I have to be honest, sometimes annoying) people will always have a special place in my heart. Next time I step foot in the city, I will just be a visitor..a tourist -- at least on paper. In my mind, I will still consider it my second home.
In a couple of months, we'll be moving on to our third home. It's time for a new adventure in a new city.

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