10 November 2015

Saying Goodbye to Singapore-The Food Edition, Part 1

Even before we found out we were pregnant early this year, we already knew that we were going to leave Singapore. Having a baby just made it earlier (at least for me), to say goodbye to the Lion City after nine long and eventful years. I told JP I wanted to go on a food trip before I left, and thankfully, he was more than willing to accomodate my request. 

Food display at the Singapore Peranakan Museum
There is no better way to say goodbye to Singapore than to have a taste of its local dishes one more time. These pictures are a mix: some were taken in my last few weeks in Singapore, the others were taken a couple of months ago. This first part consists of my favorite local dishes. 

So let's go on a quick food trip, shall we?

My favorite local food

Singapore Food - Nasi Lemak, Satay, Chicken Wings

Nasi Lemak made me gain ten pounds in my first few weeks in Singapore. That rice, boiled in coconut milk, combined with crispy fried chicken and chilli-it's a simple yet tasty combination that you will not get tired of. 
Where I get it: Punggol Nasi Lemak store along Tanjong Katong Road (lines are always long!)

Satay simple barbecued meat (choose from chicken, beef or mutton), dip in the special peanut sauce and eat with rice, or by itself.
Where I get it: The street food area at the back of Lau Pa Sat.

Chicken Wings is perfect to share with friends. I used to be able to finish about ten of these in one sitting. Once again, dip into the chilli sauce and enjoy.
Where I get it: At Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay near Esplanade.

Singapore Food - Xiao Long Bau, Breakfast, Crispy Noodle

Xiao Long Bau dumpings with soup inside. Careful when it's hot!
Where I get it: Din Tai Fung

The typical Singapore breakfast consists of kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and good old kopi. Here's a guide on how to order coffee in Singapore.
Where I get it: Kopitiam near our house. But any hawker center will have a stall that serves it. 

Crispy Noodle Chicken is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. I had this often when I was pregnant.
Where I get it: Food court in Paya Lebar Square beside the MRT station. 

Of course, we can't go without the iconic Singaporean dishes.

Chicken Rice is a meal you can eat everyday. All hawker centers have at least one stall that serves chicken rice. You can even choose how the chicken is cooked -- roasted or steamed. Here is a good review of different chicken rice stores in Singapore. Personally, I think most of them taste the same. 
Where I (usually) get it: Wee Nam Chicken Rice

Chilli Crab is expensive, and we usually eat this on special occasions or when we have visitors to the city. This is best eaten with fried buns and rice. You cannot go to Singapore and not eat chilli crab.
Where I (usually) get it: Jumbo SeaFood or No Signboard restaurant

Laksa is great to eat on rainy days or when you want to feel warm and cozy. It has a weird smell at first, but we are Pinoys, so we're used to funky smelling food, right? 
Best one I've tried: 328 Katong Laksa restaurant along East Coast Road

This is just the first part. The next one's going to be about my favorite not-so-local foods and restaurants in Singapore. 

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