21 November 2015

Katie is Two Months Old!

Miss Katie is 2 months old. Hurray!

There's quite a number of changes in Katie these past couple of weeks, it's exciting. Physically, she's starting to hold her head up better than last month. She has also outgrown most of her infant clothes, and now wears outfits for a 3-month old.

We also had her first official smile and giggle. The sight of it made me tear up a little (the irony is not lost on me, my friends). Playtime is getting more fun these days, she is able to look at things much longer, and coos in response when you talk to her. This is a good thing because she has a daily Facetime call with her Daddy.

Her sleep habits are changing too--she stays awake longer in the daytime. When this first happened, her nanny, who got used to the routine of putting her to sleep in the afternoons, panicked when Katie was still fussing at about 3pm and didn't go to sleep till about 6pm. On some days, extended time in her play gym does it, but other days, we put her on the car seat and drive around the city until she falls asleep. This gives me hope that she'll be comfortable when we travel.

She was wide awake for the picture!
Which brings me to another milestone -- this little lady got her passport and is ready to travel! It was such a good day when we took her to the DFA to have her picture taken. She was calm and had her eyes wide open!

She also celebrated her first Halloween! JP brought her the outfit, isn't she adorable? I don't think she'll wear this outfit again, but what the heck. You only do your first Halloween once!

Katie Halloween Outfit
Outfit bought by Daddy
Mommy tries to join in..baby thinks it's weird
As for me, I'm getting more and more confident that I know her so much better than anyone. I like the fact that she calms down when I carry her and talk to her. At night, after she drinks her milk, she likes to be cuddled for at least half an hour before she is put down to bed. Any less, and she will bawl her eyes out. Never mind an aching back, and arms (this girl is not a lightweight), I'll carry her if only to make sure she gets a good night's sleep.

I have to be honest though, I am getting cabin fever from being cooped up at home. There are days when I long to go back to the office and work. Taking care of a baby 24x7 gets tedious, even with extra hands to help me. I'm torn between wanting to do something for myself, but at the same time still be there for my child. I'm taking baby steps -- a few hours of writing, going to the gym, and looking for work-from-home jobs. Just thankful my husband encourages me to do what I think is best for me and Katie.
Cupcake shot!
For now, we're marching on to the third month! Christmas is fast approaching, and we can't wait to see Katie's face when she goes out and look at Christmas lights!

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