09 November 2015

Collage Monday: Mommy Style Inspiration

I came across this article titled "Common Mom Style Problems" and found myself nodding in guilt about most of the items in there.  In the first couple of weeks after giving birth, I was always rushing to get dressed without a thought to how I looked. Maybe because when I went out of the house, it was mostly quick runs to the grocery or the mall to buy things for Katie.

Now that we have some semblance of a routine at home, I had time to go through my things and started looking at my old clothes. Although I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, there's something that still does not feel right when I wear them. So I think I have a couple of pounds to go. The good news is that my doctor already gave me the go-ahead and exercise so hopefully, I'll be able to  fit into them soon enough.

I'm using these next couple of weeks to review my wardrobe. Here are a couple of looks I'm using as style pegs.
Mommy Style
Once I lose a couple of pounds, I'm going shopping, so I created a Mom Style board on Pinterest for inspiration.

How about you, did your style change after pregnancy?  Let me know your mommy style in the comments section! 

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