21 October 2015

Katie is One Month Old!

My girl Katie turned one month old two days ago! Miss Chubby Cheeks, who likes to feed on a schedule, was born four weeks ago. Hurray!

It's been a blur of nappy changes, feeding and singing her to sleep. Poo, feed, sleep, that's all she pretty much does most of the day, with an hour or so of being awake long enough for a bit of playtime. Her dad, before he went back to work in Singapore, and I have been operating mostly at night, with a couple of hours of sleep during the daytime. Thank God for yayas (nannies)!

Taking care of her at night is not so bad. I get to have quiet time, talk to her and see a bit of her personality starting to come out. This early, I know she doesn't like to be touched once she's been put down on her bed. Just sing to her (Barney's "I Love You" song seems to work best) or play some Mozart lullabies, it's guaranteed to make her sleep.

We got off to a shaky start, feeding-wise. She was being cup-fed with both breast and formula milk in the first two weeks. Eventually, we realized cup-feeding was wearing her out, and she always seemed so hungry and tired after, so we decided to move on to bottles. Now she's much calmer and sleeps better too! 

This month, much as I'm getting to know my daughter, I'm also getting to know my husband all over again. He takes over watching Katie at night,  so I can get an hour or two of sleep. He makes sure we are well-stocked with essentials so I don't have to run to the store. The realization that I married a really good guy who is a supportive partner in all decision-making regarding our daughter makes me smile with gratitude.

I'm also learning things about myself. But that's another post altogether. For now, let's have a cupcake and look forward to more discoveries and adventures in the second month!

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