12 October 2015

Hello, Katie!

Our daughter, Katherine, came into the world on Saturday, September 19th at 905 AM (Philippine time) via a scheduled C-section here in Cebu City. 

The birth was pretty low-key: I did not experience any labor pains like those we see in the movies. And to be honest, I liked it that way. The day before her birth, at our weekly appointment, the doctor told us we needed to make a decision: wait another week till her due date and see if she turns head down (highly unlikely at that point, given her size), or we can get her out anytime we wanted.

We chose to schedule the C-section the very next day. There was no point in waiting. I knew (perhaps that's a mother's instinct), as early as the previous ultrasound scan, this little girl had settled into her position, and will not be moving an inch. 

So, C-secion it was. At that time, I put on a brave face for JP. But let me tell you, that procedure was the scariest, most uncomfortable, unnerving experience of my life so far. But it was totally worth it, when the doctors laid the screaming little creature on my chest, and I saw the person who had been living inside me for the past couple of months. I think I laughed and cried at the same time. It is surreal. Life-changing. 


Her daddy and I are in love -- with Katie, with each other, and this family we're starting. Our world now revolves around this 8.6 lbs. bundle of cheeks.

There are a lot of emotions right now: happy, melancholy, worry, even a bit of sadness. In a couple of days, I'll probably sort it out in my head and write about it. But for now, we are savoring this time with Katie and her sweet newborn smell. 

Thanks for the well-wishes, friends and family! 

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