26 February 2014

Ex-Bride Problems: The Wedding Leftovers

I think a lot of brides have this problem, but don't really talk about it openly. Unless you're one of those crafty/creative women filling Pinterest with DIY ideas. If you're one of them, I hate you. Haha. Kidding. 

You see, it's been nine months, and I still haven't figured out what to do with some leftover stuff from the wedding. I've been scouring the 'net for how to reuse these extras. Read on, and let me know if you have more suggestions.

Wedding Invitations

19 February 2014

Married Life: The "Where do we live" Dilemma

One of the things JP and I constantly talk about these days is where we're going to settle down and when we plan to go about getting there. A couple of weeks ago, I literally cried (like, you know, with tears and snot and all) out of frustration because I was bugging JP to "give me a place, and give me a date", and he couldn't (in hindsight, I should have expected it, because, really, who can think clearly with a bawling woman in front of him? hehe). I think the outburst was a culmination of emotions running amok after a recent situation we had, where I felt that I wasn't in control of things. So maybe by getting JP to answer my questions, I really was trying to get back some semblance of control over my(our) life.

quote on happiness

17 February 2014

Collage Mondays: Pink and Red Combinations

How'd your Valentine's weekend go? I hope it was all sweet and romantic. Today's collage is all about the colours of love. You know I love pink, but red? Hmm, not so much. This weekend, while I was browsing, I saw Taylor Swift in this pretty dress, and thought, ok, let's look at more pink and red combos. Not so bad, huh?

I think the softer pink tames the boldness of the red. The combination is a definite standout, but still so feminine, right?

image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Happy Monday! Hope you have a good week ahead!

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13 February 2014

Book Review, Ryan Gosling and Other Cute Guys

Just in time for Valentine's week, I finally finished my first book for this year. I've mentioned previously that I was struggling to start my Reading Challenge last month. And after so many nights of plodding through 400+ pages, I'm done with Nicholas Sparks' latest novel.

Here's my review (plus my Valentines gift to you) 

10 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014-Part 2 (The Yacht)

Not a lot of people know that Singapore is made up of more than one or two islands (Sentosa). In fact, there are about 63 more islands in Singapore, most of them uninhabited. Last Sunday, we got to see two more outlying islands.  Since most of our friends also did not have any out-of-town plans for Chinese New Year, someone came up with the idea of chartering a yacht for a couple of hours.  

small boats parked in the marina

04 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014-Part 1

I know we're not Chinese, but I like the fact that we somehow get to celebrate two New Year's in a year. And it's even better because Chinese New Year usually falls on the last week of January. Perfect time to see where you are with the goals and resolutions you set out at the start of the year. So, how did your January go?

Singapore Year of the Horse
welcoming the year of the horse

Ours was quite a roller coaster, to say the least. It started out good enough, we were so eager for the year to get going, and then it ended in heartbreak. And as this Chinese New Year approached, JP and I were motivating each other, and resolved to stay positive always. January fully convinced me that I married the best guy ever.

So anyway, we didn't really make any plans to get out of Singapore for the long weekend. Friday night, we went to the River Hong Bau at the Floating Platform. We were crazy enough to go there and squeeze our way through the crowd to see the same thing we've seen the past few years. But anyway, it's still something to do if you're bored at home. 

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