05 March 2014

The 1-Dollar Makeover

This is my jewelry box. The inside is made of felt, and it's gotten dirty over the years. I tried to use a damp cloth with soap to clean it a couple of months ago, and I think it just made the thing look dirtier. There's even some residue.

Dirty Jewelry Box

At any other time, I would have just thrown this out and bought a new one. But I think JP's attitude about money has been rubbing off on me lately, so I thought of a way to make this look cleaner and maybe, a little bit newer without spending a lot.

I actually just used a roll of washi tape that I bought for a dollar in the mall near my office. This took about thirty minutes to do, and at the end of it, I got a "new" and pink jewelry box.

Jewelry Box Makeover

Have you done any easy craft projects recently? Share them with me in the comments section.

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  1. This looks pretty. Thanks for the idea. :)

    1. Hi! You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by!


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