26 February 2014

Ex-Bride Problems: The Wedding Leftovers

I think a lot of brides have this problem, but don't really talk about it openly. Unless you're one of those crafty/creative women filling Pinterest with DIY ideas. If you're one of them, I hate you. Haha. Kidding. 

You see, it's been nine months, and I still haven't figured out what to do with some leftover stuff from the wedding. I've been scouring the 'net for how to reuse these extras. Read on, and let me know if you have more suggestions.

Wedding Invitations

1) Wedding Invites

So, I overshot it with the wedding invites. We went for two styles: a passport-type and the pocket-type invites. I have to say, they look pretty, but I think I ordered a little too much. I've already kept two of each kind for our keepsakes, and there's still a couple more left here at home.

I think the passport-type will end up being used as a notepad for writing down random stuff, maybe for grocery lists, meal plans, ideas for topics to write about in the blog. 

Wedding Invitations

As for the pocket-type, I can probably use them as a background for my printed pictures (see #2) when I put them in an album. Or maybe I can use it for these decorative balls.

2) Pictures

I actually forgot that the package with our photographer includes printed copies of almost ALL of the wedding pictures. This is aside from the digital copy, plus the official photobook. So, right now, we have about two hundred loose pictures. 

Wedding Pictures

I think I will probably make a scrapbook from some of these (when I find the time), using the extra invites as background. For the rest of them, I think they'll just be placed in those slip-type albums and send them over to Manila, so my side of the family has a copy.

3) Postcards

Okay, the story about these post cards is that I intended to have the guests write their messages here during the reception.


And then I'll just bind them so I'll have something like this:

What I forgot about is that part of our package with the photographer is this really nice photobook where guests can also write in their messages. 


So, during the reception, the guests ended up writing on either the photobook or the postcards, therefore, not all the cards were used (and not all the space in the notebook was written on). I ended up slipping the cards inside the photobook, like so.

Not bad, I think. But the thing is, I still have a LOT of postcards. I was thinking of using them to make this and give as gift to friends, 

Or maybe bind them and make a recipe booklet.

4) Thank You cards

Wedding Thank You cards

Same issue with the everything else, I over estimated the cards we needed. I can probably cut these up and bind the side with our picture as a small journal, much like the postcards.

Looking at this stuff brings back so many nice memories about our wedding day, but it's also causing me a bit of stress. At the end of the day, if they're just sitting there and gathering dust, they're really just clutter. Do you have stuff from a special event that's just sitting there in boxes or drawers? What do you plan to do with them?

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