10 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014-Part 2 (The Yacht)

Not a lot of people know that Singapore is made up of more than one or two islands (Sentosa). In fact, there are about 63 more islands in Singapore, most of them uninhabited. Last Sunday, we got to see two more outlying islands.  Since most of our friends also did not have any out-of-town plans for Chinese New Year, someone came up with the idea of chartering a yacht for a couple of hours.  

small boats parked in the marina

We met up at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club which is located near the West Coast Park. It was mine and JP's first time there (and I think most of our friends). Lots of yachts and boats parked here. (obviously, hehe).


Here's the boat we chartered. And the captains.

*this picture from my friend, y

It was about an hour sailing to the islands. We passed by a couple of large ships like these.

2014-Chinese New Year

And then we finally docked near Lazarus Island (I think that's what it's called), which sits beside St. John's island. There were also other boats parked nearby. 

2014-Chinese New Year

Of course, no yacht party would be complete without FOOD! 

2014-Chinese New Year

Since it's Chinese New Year, we brought along a Lo Hei set and one of the captains taught us how to mix the ingredients in and what to say as we tossed the food.


Afterwards, it was mostly sitting around on deck and watching the boys swim and kayak. Most of us Pinoys don't really like to swim in Singapore's beaches. Let's just say, that with barges and ships on the horizon, swimming will be the last thing you think about. This is not Boracay, folks.

But the waters around these islands are much clearer and calmer,just right for some water activities.

2014-Chinese New Year

Even this little boy went in.

2014-Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Yacht Party
*bottom right picture from our friend, p

2014-Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year!

We went back to the mainland (and reality) about 2PM. I was telling JP we should go hiking on the islands next time. Apparently, there's a ferry that can take you there (definitely cheaper than renting a yacht). And here I thought we were running out of things to do in Singapore!

Since the captains were so nice to us during the trip, here's their website, in case you want to charter a yacht in Singapore for your own private party.

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  1. Hi Ays!

    Thank you for following my blog. It made me happy. I always love it when you new people visit and follow my quiet page :)

    I went to Singapore last year. I enjoyed but I have some unfinished businesses. I'm praying that I'll have the resources to revisit one of my favourite countries. This is the part of Singapore that I have yet to see.

    You have a nice blog. I love the refreshing look and your combination of posts about everything.

    Have a great day!


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