04 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014-Part 1

I know we're not Chinese, but I like the fact that we somehow get to celebrate two New Year's in a year. And it's even better because Chinese New Year usually falls on the last week of January. Perfect time to see where you are with the goals and resolutions you set out at the start of the year. So, how did your January go?

Singapore Year of the Horse
welcoming the year of the horse

Ours was quite a roller coaster, to say the least. It started out good enough, we were so eager for the year to get going, and then it ended in heartbreak. And as this Chinese New Year approached, JP and I were motivating each other, and resolved to stay positive always. January fully convinced me that I married the best guy ever.

So anyway, we didn't really make any plans to get out of Singapore for the long weekend. Friday night, we went to the River Hong Bau at the Floating Platform. We were crazy enough to go there and squeeze our way through the crowd to see the same thing we've seen the past few years. But anyway, it's still something to do if you're bored at home. 

This grand arch welcomes you to the Hong Bau.

Singapore River Hong Bau

And then pretty lights brighten your walk as you go to the exhibit area.

Singapore River Hong Bau

There was really quite a crowd, so we walked a bit to Makansutra and bought food from Gerry's, then went back to sit at the bleachers and just watch people while eating pork liempo, barbecue and pansit.

Singapore River Hong Bau

Then we went down and checked out the exhibit.

Singapore River Hong Bau Archer
the archer

Singapore Hong Bau

usual symbols of good luck (not too sure about the cabbage, though!)

Of course, we had to take a look at our fortune for this year. I'm under the Goat, while JP is under the Pig sign.

Singapore Hong Bau

We would have gone to Chinatown afterwards, but it was pretty late and we wanted to catch the last train home. 

The next day, we did spring cleaning at home. On Sunday, we went on a cruise with our friends. Pictures from that trip coming up next. :)

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