04 January 2014

I'm back! Happy New Year!

Hello there! Happy New Year to you and your families!
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Pardon the silence on this space. JP and I have been unpacking stuff we brought from the Philippines, and also doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house. Our vacation was short, but we were able to spend time with both our families, plus managed a day at the beach!

Christmas was spent with my family in Manila. It's actually mine and JP's first Christmas together. I got to show JP how we spend our holidays. First it was a walk around the neighborhood, looking at houses in our village. The owners of these houses really go all-out to decorate their houses every year.


And then of course, the food--lots of yummy food.
clockwise: queso de bola, excellente ham, steamed dumplings, chicken nuggets and fried dumplings

clockwise: chicken ala kiev, garlic prawns, filipino spaghetti and fruit salad

Then there was the traditional giving and opening of gifts...


Here are my nephews and nieces (the gremlins, I call them), waiting for midnight to grab and open their gifts.


It gets pretty messy, but we're ok with that.


On the 26th, we flew to Cebu to visit JP's family. We also attended his best friend's wedding.

Congrats,#justinandnancy! @nancyboon

Then we took a short drive to Mactan for some beach time!


We went back to Singapore on the 31st, where I battled a high fever, thereby making me spend New Year's Eve in bed. It's the first (and hopefully last) time I forego New Year celebrations. But no worries, I was feeling much better on New Year's day. 

I'm definitely looking forward to what 2014 will bring. 2013 was life-changing for me (ie. our getting married), but it was also challenging in other aspects, so I really want to move on to the next chapter. 
What about you, what are you looking forward this 2014?

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