30 October 2013

life of pi

this is one of those books i'd been meaning to read for the longest time. most of my friends had this on their profiles as their "favorite book" when friendster was still the popular social media site. i never got to read the book until this year, and i actually watched the movie before i read the book.

28 October 2013

collage monday: happy birthday, elaine!

today i made an extra special collage, because it's my younger sister's birthday! woohoo! if you see her around manila, greet her, ok!

happy birthday, gay-gay!


25 October 2013

under the sea

last weekend we went to the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa with our friends. it was mine and JP's first time to go there. we wouldn't have gone if not for discounted tickets courtesy of our friend D. i'd been to underwater world several times, a couple of years ago, so i think this attraction is just the same as that.


21 October 2013

collage monday: for the office

two weeks into the new job, and i can say i'm doing alright, so far. what i've been looking at is how people dress up at work. thankfully, most people don't wear anything too formal, and the dress code is pretty relaxed, at least in our location. 

the thing is, i've seen some in the office who wear clothes that are a little TOO casual, not really my style, unless it's friday. long ago, i attended a workshop where the trainer told us: "if you look good, you feel good, then you'll work better". i make sure to dress up and make myself look presentable, so  that i'm psyched to work...even if i don't face off with clients.

15 October 2013

books: if i stay/where she went

i've been reading quite a few young adult novels lately. when you go to bookstores, there's a big section that's dedicated to YA fiction.  i used to think young adult was the "sweet valley high" series and the "sweet dreams" books. these days, some topics, i think, are not quite suitable for "young adults"(what age range is this anyway?)

11 October 2013

guest post: of cities, travels and many, many lovers

happy friday! today, i'm honored to feature an honest-to-goodness world traveller and empowered, independent lady. she's also the sister of one of my good friends, nina. i got the chance to travel with ate prime when we went to that eventful myanmar trip, which was a good thing. aside from going with my friends, i also had a travel-experienced older sister, which was a reassuring thought, given what we encountered over there.


i seriously believe each city in the world has it's own personality. ate prime describes some of the places she's visited in her article below, including, of course, singapore. 

09 October 2013

have a little faith

i remember the reaction i had when i read "tuesdays with morrie" by mitch albom. at the end of it, i cried like a baby. i've read his other novels and always, the same effect.  his books are always a good read (they tend to be a little winding at the start, though). anyway, i finished this one while i was in manila, in just one afternoon. 

image from amazon

the synopsis (from wikipedia)
"Albom (Mitchel David "Mitch" Albom) writes in the introduction to this book[1] that the idea for it began with the request by Albert L. Lewis, his childhood rabbi, to write and deliver the eulogy when the time came for the rabbi's funeral. Albom agreed, contingent on an agreement that he could begin a series of interviews and conversations, in order to get to know Lewis as a man, not just as a rabbi.
Albom writes that his conversations with Lewis -- whom he refers to as the Reb, an affectionate term drawn from the Yiddish word for rabbi -- eventually led to an increased interest on Albom's part in the power and meaning of faith in a larger sense. In his hometown of Detroit, he forged a link with Pastor Henry Covington, an African-American Protestant minister at the I Am My Brother's Keeper Church. Covington, a past drug-addict, dealer, and ex-convict, was ministering to the needs of his down-and-out parishioners, in an urban church serving a largely homeless congregation, in a church so poor that the roof leaked when it rained.
The book alternates between his conversations with Lewis, and excerpts from some of his sermons; and Life of Henry, the title of the sections describing his conversations with Covington, and stories about him." 
as always, albom's book provides the reader a lot of inspiration. my favorite quotes from the book:
“To these people, unhappiness was a condition, an intolerable state of affairs. If pills could help, pills were taken. But pills were not going to change the fundamental problem in the construction. Wanting what you can´t have. Looking for self-worth in the mirror. Layering work on top of work and still wondering why you weren´t satisfied - before working some more.” 
“The secret to happiness...be satisfied and be grateful.” 

i think albom's strength is that he tells his stories in a very simple way. and the fact that the messages come from older people, who have experienced life, so there's a lot of credibility to it. some people say his books are "too preachy", as if forcing those life lessons on us. but hey, sometimes, we do need to be reminded about what we're doing wrong. and maybe if we hear it through people who have experienced life, it'll resonate better in our hearts. 

07 October 2013

hardware shop brunch and temple visit

these days, we're all about going to brunch on the weekends. i think that's a sign of middle age. haha. we got a good tip from diovie about this little café housed in an old hardware shop, so we tried it this past weekend.

you'd probably miss this little shop if you don't look closely, it's located in the lavender street vicinity. i was reminded of banawe street in QC when we were in that area, we passed by quite a few car parts stores and repair shops.
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