06 September 2013

2013 singapore night festival

the singapore night festival is an annual event organized by the national heritage board and several singapore museums showcasing the works of different artists and groups. it's held over two weekends, usually mid to late august or early september. for the first weekend of the nightfest, i went with my sister, since it was her last few days in singapore after a year and a half of working here. and then, i had jp with me the week after.


03 September 2013

100 days of marriage

this past sunday marked 100 days since jp and i got married. i know you usually have to wait a year (or two) before writing something about your marriage, at least that's what i've read around the internet these past couple of weeks (hey, i have a lot of free time these days). anyway, i just wanted to share some things i've realized, some little life changes that i thought of a few weeks after we got back to singapore as husband and wife.

starting the journey...

02 September 2013

collage monday: drugstore finds

raise your hand if you're guilty: a random trip to the drugstore (in sg, it's either watson's or guardian) turns out into an unexpected shopping spree of products you think you will use one of these days, but days turn into weeks, into months and said products are still sitting there in your toiletries cabinet. 

you are not alone. i used to do that too. but when i moved in with jp, i had limited space for my things, so i had to make sure i only have the things i really need. i ended up throwing away a lot of products that i bought from the drugstore because they were way past their expiration date. i didn't use them at all. what a waste of money!

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