30 August 2013

guest post: from singapore to indonesia

hey, it's friday! today, my guest post is courtesy of liana.  i met her several years ago through one of those eating sessions over at nina's house. we've gone out a few times with our small circle of friends, though sadly, not as often as i would have liked. i am impressed by her wit, and the way she speaks and writes. i'm a grammar police on other people, but i find myself second guessing my words when i talk to her. haha. she writes her thoughts so eloquently over on her blog.


let's read about her move to indonesia and what she remembers most about singapore.

28 August 2013

baked! banana chocolate bread

our first overseas trip as a couple was in hongkong, one of my favorite cities. while there, we visited my college friend and her family. she served the yummiest banana bread with chocolate chips, which jp raved about for the next few weeks. until now, that's one of the things he remembers about hong kong (that, and a memorable trip to ngong ping).

27 August 2013

an update to my angel project

remember this little project i wrote about last march?  i posted the progress in instagram two weeks ago. at that time, it looked like this. hooray for progress (and unemployment. haha!).

the angel is almost done! yey!

23 August 2013

tips for living with housemates in singapore (or anywhere)

this week, i thought we'd take a break from our guest posts, but still give you a little bit more information on living in singapore. for many filipinos here, the concept of living with other people in one flat is normal. because of the high rental rates here, it's rare for a pinoy to live on his own unit. you will live with about two or more other people in a flat during your stay here. you're lucky if your flatmates (or housemates) are people you know already, but there may come a time that you will live with total strangers, who will eventually turn out to be good friends or the bane of your existence.

22 August 2013


my sister-in-law posted these pictures in facebook. this is the water level in our village as of monday. the philippines experienced another major typhoon, and as expected, the floods came. thankfully, our house was not affected. my sister-in-law went out to buy gas (nice timing to run out, right?), and when she went out, the water got progressively higher as she went towards the main gate. from ankle deep near our place to almost waist-deep. she had to ride on a truck.


21 August 2013

round things: chocolate chip cookies

this is another attempt to make things from scratch and not buy pre-mix batter for baking. much like the homemade pancakes, i adjusted the recipe to use a little bit of wholemeal flour and sugar substitute instead of regular sugar.

everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, and i think they're the easiest thing to do, so i baked a batch one afternoon.


16 August 2013

guest post: singapore memories from ireland

it's friday once again, time for a new post on our "singapore" series. my next guest writer sits on the other side of the globe in ireland! when we got news a couple of years ago that she was moving to europe, our initial reaction was: wow! and then we were concerned.  to us who are here in singapore, i think we're not too bothered about being alone here: we usually have a circle of friends we can run to. besides, the philippines is a few flight hours away. but moving out of your comfort zone, half the world away and on your own takes a lot of guts.

my friend nina was a kindred spirit the moment i met her. we both loved books and art. so we can go on for hours with our talks (along with our other friends). after six years in ireland, she recalls her life in the little red dot. 

14 August 2013

round things: zucchini chips

a couple of days ago, i was craving for something salty and couldn't find anything in our pantry. i think our supply of chips from the philippines has run out. anyway, i found some zucchinis in the ref. i bought them a few days earlier thinking to use them for a vegetable juice, but i decided to cook them for snacks.

i'm not going to say that this is an all-out healthy dish, but i think it beats out oily potato chips you buy from the grocery store.


13 August 2013

our national day weekend via instagram

we didn't go outside singapore this past long weekend. i got my dependent pass too late that by the time we looked at flights going to other asian countries, the rates were too expensive. i even thought of just going to nearby malaysia by bus, but there were no more rooms at the hotels in the city i wanted to go to. i think most everyone wanted to get out of the country (yes, even the locals). in any case, we had an enjoyable four days just relaxing at home and also going out with friends.

09 August 2013

guest post: coming back to singapore

happy national day! to celebrate this special day, i think it's just fitting that our guest writer is someone who has left and come back to singapore--twice! you would have seen his pictures around this blog several times, and i even wrote a special note for him years ago. i think he has been one of the people with whom i travelled a lot with, and really just someone who's always interesting to be around. 

mini temple
dressed like locals in india

apo used to write a blog, that even my older sister enjoyed reading. somewhere along the way, he stopped writing, for reasons unknown (busy schedule, travel?). in any case, i'm glad i was able to persuade him to write for me this time.

without further ado, let's read about his singapore experience!

07 August 2013

first attempt at embutido

i always associate embutido with fiestas and special occasions. it's one of those dishes that everyone's grandma, mom or aunt has their own version of; some secret family recipe that's only taken out for a special day. in our house, we never made embutido, we usually got it as a gift or as take-away from family parties. what's been a mystery to me is how it gets made. search for "embutido" on google and take a look at the images. how did the eggs get inside the sausage?

anyway, i finally decided to stop thinking about it and try making my own. i used the recipe from here, with a few missing ingredients, mainly the raisins and the sweet pickle relish, because my husband didn't reply immediately when i sms'd him if he eats those. so i took them out, better safe than sorry.

02 August 2013

guest post: married in singapore

my guest writer for this week is foyan. i met her here in singapore, at one of those house parties i used to go to where our common friends meet. eventually, we got together with the rest of the group for our visits to museums and more get togethers. 

she was the first in our group to get married, and have a (cute!) baby. she also writes about her thoughts and experiences on her blog.

how's life in the little red dot as a married woman, to a local? let's find out!


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