31 July 2013

homemade pancakes

these past few weeks, i've been making more of an effort to make breakfast for jp. the cooking part is not hard, it's the waking up early that really gets me. he wakes up very early, since his work site is on the west side of singapore (we live on the east side). his travel time is about an hour and a half, despite the efficiency of singapore's train system. it's really just very far. and so i have to wake up when he does, so that while he's preparing for work, i'm getting his breakfast ready.

26 July 2013

guest post: singapore through a single girl's eye

one of the things i wanted to accomplish this year on my blog is to have guests write posts on this space. it took me a while to think of what to ask people to write about, but a couple of days back, jp and i were talking about how different things are in singapore these days compared to a few years ago.

and then...DING! that's it, that's the subject for my guest posts for this first round!

since national day is coming up in a few weeks, i asked my friends to write about their singapore experience. i've told a lot of stories about my own life here in the little red dot, and i thought it would be nice to ask my friends how theirs have been. when i set out to find who would be the best people to ask for posts, i didn't have to look far. medyo nahiya ako to ask them, but they were enthusiastic about it when i posted in our facebook group. 

this group of friends were my constant companions in museum tours in singapore (i think all of us were in an "artsy" phase back then), long-drawn out breakfasts, and travel. so here's how it will go down: from today, and every Friday until the end of August, they'll tell you all about their own singapore experience. ready? let's go!

my first guest is diovie, the youngest in our group. i worked with her briefly in our previous company in manila. she's one of the people who came to singapore earlier than i did. she's been in the IT industry as a developer and project manager for almost seven years. here's her singapore story...


17 July 2013

dan brown's inferno

i just finished reading dan brown's inferno, after a month!

it was slow reading because i honestly found it long-winded. here's my review over on goodreads:
i read this book because I was curious about the uproar in Manila regarding how the city was described in the book. to be honest, the Manila scenario in the book could have been any other city in the world, Filipinos are really just sensitive when their country is being put in a negative light, even if the description was accurate. poverty, pickpockets, traffic, pollution, they all exist in Manila, but it also exists in other parts of the world. honestly, if dan brown changed the name to say, bangkok, or mexico, it won't affect the story at all. in any case, i found this book, well, boring. it took me a couple of weeks to finish, because i just couldn't bring myself to read it most nights. long and winded description about florence, venice and their structures, i felt as if i were reading a lonely planet guidebook. 
the plot was ok, but I didn't feel the excitement as with Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. and is it just me, or do you also see Tom Hanks in mind when reading about Robert Langdon?

and just like that, i added 1 book to my yearly reading challenge. i think i have to get a move on so i can reach my target by december. what's a good book to read these days?

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Ays has read 7 books toward her goal of 25 books.

16 July 2013

gardens by the bay (the cloud garden)

i can't remember when i last went to the gardens by the bay. i think it was to watch the j.lo concert last december. to be honest, i haven't really explored the gardens and its conservatories, simply because i'm saving it up for a time when we have visitors to take there or when i get really stumped as to what to do on a weekend. singapore is a very small country, that if you live here, you pretty much have a limited number of places to go to, so you have to find ways to amuse and entertain yourself, ie. visit tourist attractions (it helps if you have visitors, so you see them through "fresh" eyes. haha), hang out at a favorite restaurant or bar, or wait for Filipino bands or artists to have a show here.

anyway, last Saturday, i decided it was time for jp and i to finally visit the conservatories at the gardens. just to see what it's all about.

more after the jump...

03 July 2013

the lululemon manifesto

how's your week so far? here's a nice, inspiring manifesto from lululemon.

some of the messages are too small,  here's the PDF so you can read everything. happy mid-week!

02 July 2013

seven little words

i got a pretty cath kidston notebook, along with this little game book last week.  i like doing word search games, and sometimes crosswords. this one is a bit more challenging:


so you make seven words out of the given clues. the words are taken from combining the syllables at the bottom of the page, which you use only once.


perfect for when you're waiting for flights, for the bus, or generally just bored. haha. 
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