29 June 2013

so i made carrot bread

this week i wanted to bake something, but since i've been told i need to stay off sugar and carbs, i had to look for diabetic-friendly recipes. i'm NOT diabetic, mind you, but i figure i should eat like one, to give me a little push towards more healthful eating.

22 June 2013

last stop for summer 2013: boracay!

we had a one-day stop in cebu after the coron trip, and then we were off to boracay for jp's cousin's wedding. although i've been here a couple of times, and i'm concerned about the commercialization, boracay is still a nice place to go to. the sand! that's what i love about this island!

beachfront-shangrila boracay

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20 June 2013

life in singapore: the yearly haze

one of the things singapore prides itself on is cleanliness. there are very, very few places where you'll find trash around here. there are a lot of rules here relating to cleanliness and pollution (ie, those laws about no chewing gum, no spitting, high price of owning a car, etc.), any newbie would think, ang O.C. nila". and you do see the results. it's very clean, seldom do you see a smoke-belching car or bus (and if you do, rest assured, it would have gotten a penalty already).

19 June 2013

travel: palawan!

i went to Palawan as a single girl several years ago. that time, i went to Puerto Princesa, which is where the underground caves are. this time around, i went to Coron with my husband. just looking out the plane window, we knew we were going to a magical place.

view from above

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17 June 2013

collage monday: mints!

i'm on a sugar and carb suspension for a couple of months. and i miss eating chocolate (it's just been about two weeks since i last ate anything sweet. haha). anyway, all i can do right now is basically LOOK at sweet stuff. in tribute,  here's a couple of my ALL-time favorite mint-chocolate treats.


most people don't like chocolate mints. they say it's like brushing your teeth and eating chocolate at the same time. haha. it does take a while to get used to the taste. but i say, more chocolate for me! haha. 
well, not right now for me.

what about you? what kind of chocolates do you like?

15 June 2013

pre-wedding slideshow

i had shared this to family in facebook, but i'm putting it here too. this is a slideshow i made of what we were up to before the wedding, set to taylor swift music, which i think was this summer's theme. we played her "red" album a lot last month.

i think this is my second slideshow, after i tried it on our f1 weekend last year. i should make more of these, you get to see a lot more pictures while listening to music, 'no? haha.

enjoy your weekend!

14 June 2013

some more details

when i was preparing for the wedding, i looked at a LOT of wedding sites, magazines and books for inspiration. pinterest was a big help to me, but it can actually overwhelm you if you don't have any sort of idea about what you want for your wedding. one of the first things i decided on was the color and the theme. check out my pinterest wedding board to get an idea. :)

11 June 2013

wedding video

i'm back! and i'm married!

we had a whirlwind couple of weeks in the philippines and have been back in singapore for a few days now. jp is back at work and me? i think i had too much sun, so i'm just getting over a major flu attack. which i got the moment my mom left singapore. haha. 

there have been a LOT of pictures of our wedding posted in Facebook (thank you, friends and family for posting), and while we're waiting for the official photos from our photographer, i thought i'd share our wedding video. 

JOHN+AYS {same day edit} from Franz Arrogante on Vimeo.

more pictures and stories in the next few posts :)
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