09 May 2013

no signboard seafood

this is a severely delayed post. last march, we were treated to no signboard seafood restaurant along geylang road by jp's housemate (thank you!).

no signboard sign

no signboard seafood is one of the more popular restaurants here in singapore, famous for chilli crab.
read the story about how it got its' name on their site.

we ordered these (you will be hungry afterwards, promise!)

chilli crab, of course!


buttered asparagus

buttered asparagus

orange chicken

orange chicken

fried bun, perfect for dipping into the chilli crab sauce


and yes, one more look at the chilli crab!

the geylang road branch gets pretty crowded on weekends, so be sure to get there early. we went there on a weekday, and although it wasn't crowded, we were seated in the back of the restaurant, which is very near the garage. it's not fine dining on this branch, but the food is so good, you really won't mind where you're seated. 

hay, chilli crab! so yummy!

Here's the address of the branch we went to:

No Signboard Seafood
414 Geylang Road
Tel: +65 6842 3415
Daily 12pm – 1am

07 May 2013

the singapore library

someone sent me a message that i should post more entries about living in singapore. i guess she meant useful ones, like housing, food, jobs, etc. maybe some other day, i think i will have to enlist my friends' inputs for those. but for now, let me tell you about one of my favorite places in the city.

so last month, i was reviewing for an exam, and when i study, i need a quiet place where i can't be distracted. i could stay in my room at the flat, but that actually poses a couple of problems: 1) there's a TV in the room, so i will be tempted to watch, 2) i can't have the aircon on all afternoon, since that'll drive our electricity bill way up 3) i will be tempted to go to the kitchen and eat. haha. 

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