29 March 2013

cooked: tilapia in coconut milk

this holy week, jp and i agreed that we will abstain from eating meat until easter sunday. here's one dish i cooked for dinner.  i got the recipe from good housekeeping philippines' "fast and easy" cookbook, which i brought to singapore from manila. this cookbook has served me well when i'm stumped for what to cook for my sister's baon and our dinner.

good housekeeping book1
my ingredients:
-salt and pepper, which you rub onto the fish
-coconut milk, minced garlic, onions, and ginger


and the fish wrapped in pechay leaves. by the way, the fish's insides were NOT cleaned out yet, so i had to do it myself. i have to thank my mom who assigned the duty of going to market to me when i was younger. i was able to observe the fish vendors how to properly clean the fish. somehow, i managed to recall how to do it.


i basically just followed the steps in the cookbook. here you go:

ginataang tilapia

it came out similar to the picture in the book, so i was happy about that. here's a picture while it was cooking:


the only problem jp and i had with this is the fact that i forgot to remove the scales off the fish. haha! that was quite annoying. but overall, we liked this dish. but i will probably try another type of fish next time. 

22 March 2013

my stitching project (or, what i do before going to bed)

my older sister and i finished two cross-stitch projects many years ago. those are now framed and hanging in our house in the philippines. last year, i started work on my own stitching project, but didn't progress much, a combination of being busy at work and general laziness. 

one of the things on my list this year is to be able to have something hand-made, so i resumed this project in january. 

this is how it's supposed to look like when finished:

picture from etsy

and this is what it looks like as of today. the cloth i'm using is actually baby blue, i just used some filters from flickr. 

angel stitch project

i usually work on it before going to bed. it helps me calm down, and i can do a bit of thinking while stitching those x's. therapeutic, they call it. anyway, here's to hoping i complete this by the end of the year. i'm going to have it framed and hanging on our first home (wherever that may be). 

what about you? are you working on any handmade projects this year? share, share!

14 March 2013

japanese and spanish date nights

when jp and i crave for japanese food, we usually go to sakae sushi. but a couple of months ago, we tried sushi express at citylink mall. the lines to the restaurant can be long during peak hours, it's a good thing we went there around closing time last week.

everything was priced at SGD1.50, so we had our fill of our favorites.


Sushi Express

and last saturday, we went to dempsey hill for some paella at don quijote's. side note: in all my 7 years of living in singapore, this was the first time i've gone to dempsey hill. haha. i found that it's a nice place for date night, so i guess we will be going there a lot more often.


tapas! yum!


and this is what we really came here for: paella!

paella valenciana

don quijote was a nice place to celebrate four years and four months of togetherness. salud!

celebrating 4 years and 4 months. levelling up,dempsey hill na ngayon,dati burger king lang   @jpcunanan
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