23 February 2013

a cebu food post

hello, hello again! this month is flying by so fast! this coming week will be the last for february 2013. everyday, we're getting closer to THE day. i'm feeling a bit anxious about it already just because i feel like i'm not yet physically prepared for it. haha. i'm a great procrastinator, and for some reason, this state i'm in is feeding my laziness. you'd think that not having a job would actually motivate me to slave away at the gym, but i don't know...

so we took advantage of the chinese new year holiday to go to cebu, and iron out some more details for the wedding. never mind the bridezilla breakdown i had before we left, but overall, we managed to finalize some more things during our trip. the thing i LOVE about cebu, is the FOOD! i think that whenever i leave, i always gain a couple of pounds. i told jp that when i go to cebu next time, i'll need to bring my running shoes and some gym outfits so i can go to the local fitness first, just to burn off all those calories.

here are some of the foods we had in cebu: clockwise: 1) fresh baked scallops and kilawin from a local restaurant (sorry, forgot the name), 2) zubuchon's lechon (didn't get to take a picture of the boneless lechon, but i took a picture of the paper mat with bourdain's quote about it), 3) harbourcity's famous steamed rice, 4) mango sushi crepe from east west cafe 5) assorted zubuchon goodies--for pasalubong (it was mostly the chicharon).


but wait! there's more! here's another picture of crepes from east west cafe: red velvet crepe and banana chocolate. of course, all these were shared with jp and my sister. we have to spread the love (and the calories). i want to give a hug to whoever thought of making this red velvet crepe. this is HEAVENLY! 

from last night: red velvet crepe and mango sushi crepe. sugar high!

sometime within the week, i craved for some sticky rice, and jp's parents took us to cafe laguna for THIS: sticky rice, with mango and chocolate syrup. sugar high, i tell you!

sticky rice with mango and chocolate syrup. absolutely sinful!!

and as if that weren't enough, valentine's day was spent with jp's family with this spread. because nothing says "i love you" than a whole roasted pig...and pasta, and steamed crabs, and chicken, and assorted cakes. why, why can't lechon be readily available here in singapore?

harbour city

but sometimes, it's really the most ordinary meals that make your trip memorable. jp craved for some jollibee on our last day in cebu, and so, jollibee it was: palabok and chicken joy, of course!

friday date night.

now that i'm looking at all that, i keep looking at my stomach. haha. i wonder how i managed to eat them all. excuse me while i stand up and put on my running shoes. i seriously must remember i have a wedding to attend to in a couple of months, and it's MY wedding!

01 February 2013

fall in love (to welcome february)

and just like that, january has left and we're now on the second month of the year. time flies by so fast, 'no? i always look forward to this month because i like dropping hints to jp to take me out on a date somewhere new. haha. but seriously, february, more than any other month of the year is always highlighted by romance. yihee! LOVE is the theme, folks!

last night, i had a dream about our wedding. and like most dreams, by the time i woke up, i had forgotten the details, but was left with a really good (bordering on mushy) feeling. i suddenly remembered this short poem/prayer from way back in college. being in "the" ateneo (hehe. kunyari sosy ako!), you get to read a lot of articles and books from great theologists and philosophers. some of them remarkable, and make a big impact on your life, and some of them, well, you push their ideas to the back of your mind. waaaay back! haha. this short note is from fr. pedro arrupe, sj. and i take this one to heart. i'd forgotten the exact words, so i did a bit of googling (thank you, internet!). 

i'm sharing this with you to start your february (the month of love!) right. here it is: 

Fall in Love
Nothing is more practical than
finding God, than
falling in Love
in a quite absolute, final way.
What you are in love with,
what seizes your imagination, will affect everything.
It will decide
what will get you out of bed in the morning,
what you do with your evenings,
how you spend your weekends,
what you read, whom you know,
what breaks your heart,
and what amazes you with joy and gratitude.
Fall in Love, stay in love,
and it will decide everything.
i hope you're having a great start to your month! love, love, love!
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