30 January 2013

my 2013 book reading challenge

over on goodreads, i signed myself up for the 2013 reading challenge. last year, i had a lofty goal of 50 books to read, but only got as far as 26. so for this year, i lowered my expectations and i think, realistically, i can finish 25 books by december. at this point, i've finished a pathetic 1 book out of 25. haha.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Ays has read 1 book toward her goal of 25 books.

let's see if i can complete the challenge by the end of the year. i've got five books on my "currently reading" list (see my sidebar). i'm reading them all at the same time, depending on the day and the mood i'm in. right now, i'm on elizabeth noble's book, and it's such a slooow read, but i'm hoping the story gets better and the pacing picks up in the next pages.

what about you, what books have you set your mind to reading this year?

29 January 2013

my juju cleanse experience

last year, i read about the juju cleanse from a lot of filipino bloggers. and since i spent a couple of weeks in manila,  i decide to try it, right after new year's, since i figured all celebrations (and therefore, pigging out on delicious pinoy food) are done.

the concept is simple: detoxification of your system by taking healthy juices, prepared daily. i know enough about detox to understand that it's not a weight-loss solution. so i had no fantasies that i will lose pounds when i try this out. it's simply letting your body take a break from heavy (and oftentimes, unhealthy) food and other toxins that affect your system from functioning efficiently.

i ordered my three-day kit two days before the day i wanted to start the cleanse. i chose those days where i know i won't be going out of the house for any errands. i paid via bank deposit and kat, the owner, texted me where i can pick up the kit. i wanted it delivered to my aunt's office in makati, but with manila's crazy traffic situation, kat and i agreed that picking it up was the better option.

i got this cute canvas bag with six bottles of juice, and read the instructions carefully.

juju cleanse

during the cleanse, you're not supposed to eat anything, save for a couple of pieces of cucumber or some vegetables if you really feel hungry. i drank one bottle every two and a half hours, with a couple of glasses of water in between. i must say that the juice servings are large, more than enough to not make you feel hungry during the day. on the first day, i got a mild headache, but i read from reviews that i'm supposed to drink more water. so i did.  i also slept a lot to prevent myself from eating. haha.

at the end of the third day, i was so glad to have completed the cleanse. the result: no weight loss (of course, that's only three days!), but my tummy got a bit smaller and i think my skin looked a little bit better. i did feel lighter afterwards. and in the next few days (and until now),  i started drinking a lot of water throughout the day. also, i actually ate less fried foods and went for more vegetables and fruits, something i'm going to do more often. 

my personal review: the cleanse is a good way to start, if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes. although a lot of people say that it's pricey, you are assured that you get the freshest juices from organically-grown vegetables and fruits, so i think that's worth the price. if you are bothered by the price, i think anyone with a juicer/blender can make their own juice and have their own version of the juju cleanse at home, anytime. 

would i recommend it? definitely! actually, i'd recommend a cleanse every few months within the year (even if it's not the juju cleanse),  just so you can let your body reset and recharge. 

14 January 2013


hello! this being my first post in 2013, you'd think i'd be writing something about "the year that was" or my "resolutions for this year". haha. well, i may write about those in the next couple of days, but for now, i want to share my recent visit to papemelroti.

papemelroti was one of my go-to stores in high school whenever i looked for gifts for my friends when christmas season came around. and being in an all-girls' catholic school, we would have those yearly retreats/recollection. there was this part of the retreat where we would write letters to our classmates. they called this "palanca" letters (i really don't know where it got the name, does anyone?). anyway, i always kept a couple of pads of papemelroti's stationery in my bag in case i forgot to write a retreat letter for someone in the class.

last week, i found myself walking around the glorietta area in makati. their new wing houses a lot of the old stores found in the old glorietta 2, and that included papemelroti. it was a nice surprise to see the new store (sorry, forgot to take a picture). this one had brighter interiors and better lighting. the old one, from my high school days, was darker. i think they were going for a rustic look back then. anyway, while the store had changed, the products haven't. and that's a good thing.

they still had those wooden decors

papemel products
paper products like the notepads, cards and journals
papemel products2

and they even have jewelry too!

i stayed at the store for about 45 minutes, reading the insides of the greeting cards, trying to remember if i used to have any of those stationeries, and deciding which ones i wanted to get. in the end, i went for these: a couple of notepads, a small journal, and a few of these boxed inspirational quotes.


i also got myself this pair of fancy earrings. pretty, no?


my total bill was about Php 350, which reminded my why i loved papemelroti in the first place: their products are pretty but also inexpensive. which actually led me to one of my resolutions for this year: look for inexpensive products, but with good quality. anyway, more on those resolutions later. do you have memories of papemelroti and its' products?
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