02 December 2013

collage monday: this year's wish list

Happy December and Happy Monday! Today, I'm sharing some things on my wish list.

I don't think we gave out our wishlists when we did our "Secret Santa" gift exchange during our grade school and high school years. We only set the minimum price of the gift. So I usually received gifts that I didn't know what to do with, and as a giver, I found it hard to buy someone a gift that I thought they would like (most of the time, they did. I stuck to useful stuff like planners and pens) When I started working, I felt kind of iffy about sending my wishlist to my Secret Santa. It's only in the past couple of years that I understood the power of the wishlist (or any list for that matter, but more on that soon). It's really practical for both sides: the giver saves a lot of time because he knows what to get, and the recipient gets what she wants.

They can be practical or not, but it's something we desire for ourselves. But whatever you receive this holiday season, whether it's in your wishlist of not, remember to be thankful. It's always the thought that counts, that people remember you and appreciate you enough to give you something.

What's your opinion on wish lists? Do you have one for this year?

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