22 November 2013

weekend lunch dates

these past few sundays, jp and i have been dining out for brunch/lunch. most of the time, i don't bother taking a picture of my food, which seems to be the norm these days. but there are days i would whip out my phone and be THAT person who takes a photo of their plate before eating. here are some of the restaurants we've visited recently and a couple of pictures i took. 

the tea room by asian kitchen -- we used to frequent the raffles quay branch with our previous officemates. we go here for the mala roast chicken and jp's favorite spicy eggplant. on this branch at the basement of raffles city, instead of chicken, they serve duck, which is also fine by me. the skin is perfectly roasted and the meat is tender. super yummy! we usually also order the garlic kangkong, so we feel less guilty about eating too much of the duck, you know, add some fiber to our meal.

top: garlic kangkong, bottom: spicy eggplant and mala roast duck

mala roast duck

namnam noodle bar - the queue to dine at this small restaurant (also at the basement of raffles city) is always long. so we went there one sunday a little over an hour after the mall opened, and there was already a line. but we only waited for a few minutes before we got a table. jp tried the phô and i had the chicken banh mi. both were very good, so lining up to get a table was worth it.


jp's phô, fresh spring rolls, banh mi and vietnamese condiments

poteato - we also went to tiong bahru for brunch. confession: i haven't been to this area in my more than seven years in singapore. i've been visiting ladyironchef's website for suggestions for good brunch places. according to the site, tiong bahru is the "happening" place right now. there's a lot of small restaurants serving brunch, so we had a lot of choices. for our first, we tried out poteato. food was good enough, not that great.

went to tiong bahru for brunch :)

there are a number of restaurants that i want to try, but i think we should eat out less often. a lot of people say that singapore is boring, but definitely NOT food-wise. you just have to know where to look. good tip: go to the ones with long queues. and search through local singapore blogs.

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