29 November 2013

the power of water

This article appeared in my facebook feed a couple of months ago. If you look real quick, you'll think there's not much difference, but look closer and you'll see how drinking water caused a big change to her face

In my twenties, I didn’t really think much about water and how it affects my body. In my previous office in Manila, I used to be paranoid that the stuff in the water dispenser was really just from the tap. So I drank more cofee and tea than water. Same thing in restaurants, I rarely drank the free glass of water, instead I ordered juice or soda.  Here in Singapore, tap water is safe to drink, though I find that there's a metallic aftertaste with the water in our flat. So I prefer the bottled ones.  JP buys a couple of bottles for us every few days.

I have poor digestion and very slow metabolism. This year, when I was told by the doctor I had to lose a significant amount of weight, I had to do all sorts of healthy things, ie. modified my diet (for the most part. haha), exercise more often, and drink more water. Of the three, drinking water was the easiest thing to do. And I think it's made a big difference. My skin's a little bit clearer, I don't get too many breakouts as often, and it's really helping my digestion. 

Drinking water is also an excuse to get up from my seat at work. Every hour, I go to the pantry to refill my water bottle.  I deliberately use a small bottle so I have a reason to leave my desk, because it's not recommended to sit for hours on end. The article says the lady drank 3 liters of bottle per day. It may seem too much, so if you want to do this, maybe start with 2 liters?

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  1. If only the picture in the right side is nearer and not tilted, it would look more fair. Hmmm.. My target amount of water is only 1 liter, minsan nakakalimutan ko pa rin ^_^ that’s why nauuso ang tumblers :)


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