03 November 2013

last hurrah before the year ends (4 Simple Goals)

this is great timing! last week, I was thinking of what I want to accomplish before 2014 rolled in. since I started on the new job, i'm slowly settling into a routine, which is good, but I feel that there are things that I don't get to do as much as I'd like. elsie over at A Beautiful Mess came up with the 4 Simple Goals challenge.

"The concept of 4 simple goals is, well, simple. Its purpose is to challenge and remind you to create healthy, life-enriching habits during the busiest time of the year. If you're game, here are the "rules":
1. Choose simple goals that will make your life richer and happier on a daily basis. Choose things you may not otherwise get done but are not difficult to accomplish. 
2. Do not choose result oriented goals. Choose activity oriented goals. For example, instead of "lose 10 pounds", choose something like "eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day". Get what I'm saying? Positive actions instead of just the end result! 
3. Choose personal goals you believe will truly make your life richer just by doing them! They can be daily, weekly or one time experiences. 
4. Choose a reward for each goal as it is accomplished! It can be a small or large reward—it's up to you. 
5. Blog about your goals, each one as you achieve it and a big post when they are all finished before the new year!"

this is great because this time of the year, I  tend to focus too much on the holidays, ie. gifts I need to get for people, parties we need to go to, people to meet, that the goals I set for myself fall by the wayside. so, here are my 4 goals until the end of the year:

i'll write about my progress on these goals later. and to remind myself, that picture will be my desktop and phone background for a couple of weeks.

what about you? do you have any last-minute goals you want to do before the year ends? 

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