07 October 2013

hardware shop brunch and temple visit

these days, we're all about going to brunch on the weekends. i think that's a sign of middle age. haha. we got a good tip from diovie about this little café housed in an old hardware shop, so we tried it this past weekend.

you'd probably miss this little shop if you don't look closely, it's located in the lavender street vicinity. i was reminded of banawe street in QC when we were in that area, we passed by quite a few car parts stores and repair shops.


ambiance was good, and the smell of coffee was all over the place. i liked their caesar salad, and would have wanted to try jp's meal, but these days, i have a lot of foods i can't eat. haha. 


afterwards, we walked around the sidestreets a little bit, and visited the tibetan temple a couple of meters from the restaurant.

jp turned the mani wheel, he was supposed to do three turns, but i think he got dizzy at the first one, so he didn't complete it.


i really thought the dalai lama was sitting inside, then it turned out, it was a life-sized standee.


and for good luck this coming week, i touched the buddha's belly. 


what about you? what did you do this weekend? share in the comments here or in facebook. :)

Chye Seng Huat Hardware is at 150 Tyrwhitt Road SG 207563

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