21 October 2013

collage monday: for the office

two weeks into the new job, and i can say i'm doing alright, so far. what i've been looking at is how people dress up at work. thankfully, most people don't wear anything too formal, and the dress code is pretty relaxed, at least in our location. 

the thing is, i've seen some in the office who wear clothes that are a little TOO casual, not really my style, unless it's friday. long ago, i attended a workshop where the trainer told us: "if you look good, you feel good, then you'll work better". i make sure to dress up and make myself look presentable, so  that i'm psyched to work...even if i don't face off with clients.

here are a couple of things i've been looking at for the office. i'm still on my self-imposed shopping ban, so i'm stuck with just looking at things online. 


what about you? what do you wear to the office?

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  1. Ah! It's SO my "teacher" look! By the way, I have a new blog. I hope you'll support it too. ;)



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