02 September 2013

collage monday: drugstore finds

raise your hand if you're guilty: a random trip to the drugstore (in sg, it's either watson's or guardian) turns out into an unexpected shopping spree of products you think you will use one of these days, but days turn into weeks, into months and said products are still sitting there in your toiletries cabinet. 

you are not alone. i used to do that too. but when i moved in with jp, i had limited space for my things, so i had to make sure i only have the things i really need. i ended up throwing away a lot of products that i bought from the drugstore because they were way past their expiration date. i didn't use them at all. what a waste of money!

but there are products that i use a lot, and i think are worth the trip. they're not expensive and at least for me, they really work.


1. maybelline's clear and smooth BB cream - i use this because it's a moisturizer, a foundation and sunblock--all in one! so it saves me a lot of time. 
2. nixoderm - my siblings and i used this when we were in our teens and had acne and pimples. i remember we would slather this on our face before going to bed, and in the morning, it would be gone, apparently wiped off on our pillows while we were sleeping. haha. the trick is to just apply it on the pimple (not the whole face), after a couple of hours, the pimple will dry out. it doesn't make the pimple go away, just makes it go away faster.
3. revlon's just bitten balm stain - i like this because the color is bright and it last for a couple of hours. 
4. physiogel hypoallergenic cream - i had a bout with very dry skin recently, so i used this instead of normal lotion. it's unscented and also works as moisturizer for the face.
5. salcura dermaspray - i am prone to itchy breakouts on my chest and my back whenever it's hot. i spray this, and the itch goes away. it also has menthol for a cooling effect. you have to get used to the smell though, thankfully, lemongrass is a scent i can tolerate.
6. jergens ultra healing lotion - this one is for everyday use. i like this because the scent is not so overpowering, and i don't feel sticky after using it. 

so there you have it, my top drugstore finds. what about you? what products do you often get from the drugstores?

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