06 September 2013

2013 singapore night festival

the singapore night festival is an annual event organized by the national heritage board and several singapore museums showcasing the works of different artists and groups. it's held over two weekends, usually mid to late august or early september. for the first weekend of the nightfest, i went with my sister, since it was her last few days in singapore after a year and a half of working here. and then, i had jp with me the week after.


this festival is always well-attended by the locals. most of the installations are interactive, and some performances actually happen in the streets.

stilt-walkers, a balloon artist on a unicycle and jp making his own artwork

this year there were acrobats on the NMS front lawn.

it's always interesting what they do to the facade of the museums. this is what they did to SAM this year..


and to the NMS.


entrance to the museums is free for the duration of the festival, and they're open until about 2 am. people flock to see the exhibits inside, because really, who can resist anything free? the lines to the  "princely treasures" exhibit was long, people wanted to take advantage of the free entrance, because on a normal day, you get in for $10 sgd.


the artworks were beautiful.


this was my favorite piece in the exhibit. the ladies are beautiful, like the ones i read about in macnaught novels.

the exhibits at the SAM were more modern, and honestly, some pieces were downright depressing. and if i'm going to be honest, i really didn't understand them.


overall, this year's night festival was interesting. it's a nice way to spend a friday or saturday night. i wish we have something like this in the philippines, bring art to the people. i wonder what they'll come up with next year.

take a look at more pictures from my 2013 night fest album

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