14 August 2013

round things: zucchini chips

a couple of days ago, i was craving for something salty and couldn't find anything in our pantry. i think our supply of chips from the philippines has run out. anyway, i found some zucchinis in the ref. i bought them a few days earlier thinking to use them for a vegetable juice, but i decided to cook them for snacks.

i'm not going to say that this is an all-out healthy dish, but i think it beats out oily potato chips you buy from the grocery store.


use the following:
-flour, breadcrumbs, eggs to coat the zucchini
-parmesan cheese, paprika, (not in picture) salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper (optional)


everything's pretty simple, just chop up the zucchini, dip into flour, then into the beaten egg mixture and then to the breadcrumbs.


place into lighly oiled baking trays and bake at 450F for about 10 mins or until golden brown.

while waiting for the chips to bake, mix the rest of the ingredients. you'll sprinkle this on the chips when it's done. serve them hot!

you can also use melted cheese or sour cream to dip the chips into, but they should be good enough on their own. you'll see in the picture below there are a few lighter colored chips, those were from the first batch, i took them out too early. but the next batches came out ok.


perfect for snacking in front of the TV, which i've been doing a lot these days. enjoy!


  1. wow. I've never tried zucchinis. You know, here in Ph it's not widely available. But this certainly looks yummy. :) maybe ill try this one day with other veggies.

  2. hi camille! you know what, i was thinking if zucchinis are available in the philippines. maybe not in the wet market. i think i've seen some in rustan's. i have to think about which veggies are good to try the recipe on.hanks for dropping by :)

  3. Wow! That looks yummy AND filling! :)

  4. hey toni, they are! i think one zucchini was good for me and my husband na. the result, we ate dinner later than usual, kasi busog pa. haha


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