21 August 2013

round things: chocolate chip cookies

this is another attempt to make things from scratch and not buy pre-mix batter for baking. much like the homemade pancakes, i adjusted the recipe to use a little bit of wholemeal flour and sugar substitute instead of regular sugar.

everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, and i think they're the easiest thing to do, so i baked a batch one afternoon.


just follow the instructions here


i think the batter was too soft (i may have been too afraid to put on a lot of flour in the mix).


it didn't look at all like the picture in the recipe. they came out all soft and chewy, but they were good just the same. to prove it, i placed them  in a small container, and throughout the day, everyone at the house kept getting a piece as they passed by the table.


i think i'm getting the hang of baking (seriously, this is not my forte), but i think i need more practice to get the outcome just right. 


  1. They certainly look far from the recipe book photos but I bet they taste as good. I prefer it soft and chewy than the old school crunchy cookies. :) Love your recipes!

    And hey, I voted you here: http://lolliesandlipsticks.blogspot.com/2013/08/i-am-grateful.html

    You're one of my fave bloggers na!

  2. hey camille! i've been really trying get the results similar to the pictures in the cookbooks, but it's so hard. haha. anyway, as long as they taste good, ok na yon.
    oh, just saw the link. wow, thanks!


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