22 August 2013


my sister-in-law posted these pictures in facebook. this is the water level in our village as of monday. the philippines experienced another major typhoon, and as expected, the floods came. thankfully, our house was not affected. my sister-in-law went out to buy gas (nice timing to run out, right?), and when she went out, the water got progressively higher as she went towards the main gate. from ankle deep near our place to almost waist-deep. she had to ride on a truck.


a lot of filipinos have posted pictures of their situation in facebook and twitter. the pictures above, that's not even half of it. manila was virtually shut  down for a couple of days due to this rain (see cnn report). i have been listening to philippine radio these past couple of days, and not because i want to listen to music. just news, to know how it's being dealt with. 

meanwhile, here in singapore, the sun has been shining this whole week. i took these pictures yesterday when i got off the bus. this is our street at around 3PM in the afternoon. i have to cross the street at that stop sign opposite the church. i don't like this corner, because no matter what time of day it is, it's hot because there's no shade. superficial, i know!


then i realized, there are people in the philippines at that moment who need to ride a boat to freaking cross that same distance. and all the while exposing themselves to dirty water, ergo, all sorts of disease. just to cross the street, get to work, buy something from the store, and even leave their house to evacuate.

so consider me put in my place. just remember, whatever you're experiencing right now, there is always someone who is in a worse situation. 

on a lighter note, check out this compilation of pinoy humor about the typhoon, because yes, we still laugh at ourselves despite these circumstances. it's both an endearing and annoying trait we filipinos have.

for how to help victims, go here.


  1. waaaaah tawang tawa ko dun sa memes!!! tama hindi na tayo makakareklamo dahil baka lunurin sa baha sa pinas hahaha

  2. Yes :) Someone is experiencing something awful than what we complain about. glad your family's safe

  3. Nakaka awa talaga yun mga tao dun, hindi pa nga napakita dyan sa pics yung ibang lugar na taga leeg na ang lalim.

    Im glad in our city, we don't experience such calamity. Hirap na nga ang buhay, dadagdagan pa ng bagyo :-(


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