13 August 2013

our national day weekend via instagram

we didn't go outside singapore this past long weekend. i got my dependent pass too late that by the time we looked at flights going to other asian countries, the rates were too expensive. i even thought of just going to nearby malaysia by bus, but there were no more rooms at the hotels in the city i wanted to go to. i think most everyone wanted to get out of the country (yes, even the locals). in any case, we had an enjoyable four days just relaxing at home and also going out with friends.

jp kicked off the long weekend by cooking his own version of chilli crab in honor of national day. you can't get any more singaporean than chilli crab.

celebrating national day early. chilli crab by @jpcunanan

and then joining the frenzy at the east coast park. this is where a lot of locals like to spend their weekend--they can have barbecue parties, set up tents to camp the night, fish, swim (not so much), run and bike. 

joining the bike frenzy this national day at East coast park

East coast park to changi beach park in 1hr45mins.

we also went for brunch with friends at the coastal settlement. i can still taste those eggs cooked in truffle oil. yum!

saturday brunch

and then, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the eraserheads in concert! who would have thought i'd get to watch them LIVE and in Singapore, of all places! that was such a trip down memory lane. we were seated far away (hence the blurry pictures), but who cares? we still had a blast.

eraserheads concert view from way out there in the last few rows.enjoyed it just the same.

sunday was for winding down and just relaxing at home, especially for jp. who wanted to extend the weekend a bit longer. but the poor guy had to work come monday. and me? well, it's still a weekend to me. haha. 

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