07 August 2013

first attempt at embutido

i always associate embutido with fiestas and special occasions. it's one of those dishes that everyone's grandma, mom or aunt has their own version of; some secret family recipe that's only taken out for a special day. in our house, we never made embutido, we usually got it as a gift or as take-away from family parties. what's been a mystery to me is how it gets made. search for "embutido" on google and take a look at the images. how did the eggs get inside the sausage?

anyway, i finally decided to stop thinking about it and try making my own. i used the recipe from here, with a few missing ingredients, mainly the raisins and the sweet pickle relish, because my husband didn't reply immediately when i sms'd him if he eats those. so i took them out, better safe than sorry.

here's the stuff i used:


it's really just about mixing everything together. the tricky part was rolling the mixture into sausage form. i had to watch the cooking video twice to get it. the mystery of the egg is solved! haha. 


after steaming, it's basically cooked and ready to slice and serve. my preference is to fry it in a bit of oil. the good thing about this dish is that you can keep it in the freezer for a couple of days so you can have it when you're too lazy to cook anything else.


but we didn't have any more rolls to keep because everything was gone by dinner. i guess that means, my first attempt was good, right?


  1. That looks REALLY REALLY REALLY good!!!!!!!! Great first try! :)

    I like embotido and don't say no when it's offered! I didn't know ganito pala pagluto. I just eat it. Thanks for posting the cooking process! :)

  2. hi toni! thanks! i just had to try making it on my own. :)


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