28 August 2013

baked! banana chocolate bread

our first overseas trip as a couple was in hongkong, one of my favorite cities. while there, we visited my college friend and her family. she served the yummiest banana bread with chocolate chips, which jp raved about for the next few weeks. until now, that's one of the things he remembers about hong kong (that, and a memorable trip to ngong ping).

anyway, a couple of weeks ago, i attempted to recreate the bread for our afternoon snack. i liked allrecipes.com's banana chocolate chip bread recipe, so i used that. i actually bought the bananas a couple of days before, so that it got soft, which the recipe called for. again, i used half plain flour and half wholemeal flour.

banana bread ingredients

so it's basically mashing the bananas, mixing the dry ingredients and wet ingredients, and then mixing them together. pop in the oven (until a toothpick inserted comes out clean), and it'll look like this.


the bread's supposed to be cooled for about 10 minutes after taking it out of the oven, but someone couldn't wait to taste.

banana bread


i think he was happy with it, he did finish his slice in record time. hopefully, he remembered our hong kong trip that he'll suggest we go there again. i will let you know if my ploy works. haha!

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