31 July 2013

homemade pancakes

these past few weeks, i've been making more of an effort to make breakfast for jp. the cooking part is not hard, it's the waking up early that really gets me. he wakes up very early, since his work site is on the west side of singapore (we live on the east side). his travel time is about an hour and a half, despite the efficiency of singapore's train system. it's really just very far. and so i have to wake up when he does, so that while he's preparing for work, i'm getting his breakfast ready.

last week, he requested for pancakes. i decided to make them from scratch, and not buy the boxed pancake mix we've been so used to eating. the steps are really not that different, but making them from scratch just means you have more control about how much sugar or butter or egg you want in your pancake.


i referred to this recipe, just using less butter (about 2 Tbsp), substituting Splenda for sugar, and using non-fat milk. mix the dry ingredients, and then add the liquids until you get a nice consistency. 

cook in a hot pan, and then serve. that morning, it was served with strawberries and maple syrup.


just the perfect way to send off your husband to work, 'no? 

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