16 July 2013

gardens by the bay (the cloud garden)

i can't remember when i last went to the gardens by the bay. i think it was to watch the j.lo concert last december. to be honest, i haven't really explored the gardens and its conservatories, simply because i'm saving it up for a time when we have visitors to take there or when i get really stumped as to what to do on a weekend. singapore is a very small country, that if you live here, you pretty much have a limited number of places to go to, so you have to find ways to amuse and entertain yourself, ie. visit tourist attractions (it helps if you have visitors, so you see them through "fresh" eyes. haha), hang out at a favorite restaurant or bar, or wait for Filipino bands or artists to have a show here.

anyway, last Saturday, i decided it was time for jp and i to finally visit the conservatories at the gardens. just to see what it's all about.

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these are the first things you see as you approach the gardens. 


since the space is very big, and singapore's climate is very humid, it can be tiring to walk around the gardens during the day. a good thing, they have a shuttle service (Sgd 2 for two rides) to take you straight to the conservatories. 

during the shuttle ride, you'll pass by this giant baby (i didn't get to read what the installation was about,
maybe next time).


we had the option of buying tickets to go into the flower garden and the cloud forest at Sgd20 each (local resident price) or just visit the cloud forest for Sgd12 each. we just chose to visit the cloud forest, since we figured, we'll probably visit the place again. leave something to explore for next time. haha.

the cloud forest houses the world's tallest indoor waterfall. the temperature inside is very cool, perfect place to bring your visitors during a hot and humid day.  


it mimics the environment and biodiversity in forests high on top of mountains. and it's supposed to teach everyone about the threats that these forests face today.




we also watched a video about how temperature changes will affect the earth in the next couple of years. it was scary.


overall, the visit to the gardens was a good thing. i told jp that next time, we'll have to go in to the flower dome. i heard that one's interesting too.


how about you, how did you spend your weekend?



  1. So beautiful!!! What a relaxing place to hang out in. :) A refreshing break form the city skyscrapers and grey clouds!

  2. hey toni! yes, it is. and the good thing is it's very convenient to get there. :)


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