17 July 2013

dan brown's inferno

i just finished reading dan brown's inferno, after a month!

it was slow reading because i honestly found it long-winded. here's my review over on goodreads:
i read this book because I was curious about the uproar in Manila regarding how the city was described in the book. to be honest, the Manila scenario in the book could have been any other city in the world, Filipinos are really just sensitive when their country is being put in a negative light, even if the description was accurate. poverty, pickpockets, traffic, pollution, they all exist in Manila, but it also exists in other parts of the world. honestly, if dan brown changed the name to say, bangkok, or mexico, it won't affect the story at all. in any case, i found this book, well, boring. it took me a couple of weeks to finish, because i just couldn't bring myself to read it most nights. long and winded description about florence, venice and their structures, i felt as if i were reading a lonely planet guidebook. 
the plot was ok, but I didn't feel the excitement as with Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. and is it just me, or do you also see Tom Hanks in mind when reading about Robert Langdon?

and just like that, i added 1 book to my yearly reading challenge. i think i have to get a move on so i can reach my target by december. what's a good book to read these days?

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Ays has read 7 books toward her goal of 25 books.


  1. I've been dying to read this too with of course, the same reason why. But I guess it's not that good after all. I'm actually browsing from the books you recommend and maybe pick another from there. Love reading too!

    Thanks for dropping by my site :)

  2. hi! nice to meet a fellow bookworm :)

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  4. Do you like Young Adult? Read Gayle Forman's "If I Stay." Easy reading that'll bring you to tears. Very good writing.

  5. hi toni. i looked it up and it looks interesting. parang "the lovely bones" in terms of the perspective. thanks for the suggestion, i'm going to put it on my to-read list :)

  6. Hi!
    John Green books are really really good; nice to read and humorous, Paulo Coelho is a very inspirational author (I personally liked his book called "The Winner Stands Alone", which is very different from his usual writing style), and Sarah Dessen has very nice books (my personal fave: Lock & Key); her books are usually about teenagers falling in love, usually involving messed up girls or boys lol.
    I think your blog is nice and I love the design, keep it up! :]

  7. hi sena,thanks for dropping by.im gonna put "lock and key" on my to read list. im not really into paulo coelho, butnill take a look at your suggestion :)


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