11 June 2013

wedding video

i'm back! and i'm married!

we had a whirlwind couple of weeks in the philippines and have been back in singapore for a few days now. jp is back at work and me? i think i had too much sun, so i'm just getting over a major flu attack. which i got the moment my mom left singapore. haha. 

there have been a LOT of pictures of our wedding posted in Facebook (thank you, friends and family for posting), and while we're waiting for the official photos from our photographer, i thought i'd share our wedding video. 

JOHN+AYS {same day edit} from Franz Arrogante on Vimeo.

more pictures and stories in the next few posts :)


  1. naiyak naman daw ako <3

  2. aww,thanks nins! i'm sure your wedding video will be great din!


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