19 June 2013

travel: palawan!

i went to Palawan as a single girl several years ago. that time, i went to Puerto Princesa, which is where the underground caves are. this time around, i went to Coron with my husband. just looking out the plane window, we knew we were going to a magical place.

view from above

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there really is not much to say about coron, except well, it's BEAUTIFUL!! you get the sense that most of the province hasn't been touched by modernity, and you kind of want it to stay that way for a long time.






look at this panorama view. beautiful, right?

unlike boracay, coron is more quiet, perfect for couples and those who really want to be one with nature. hands down, this is one of the best places i've ever been. plus points because i got to experience it with jp.

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