14 June 2013

some more details

when i was preparing for the wedding, i looked at a LOT of wedding sites, magazines and books for inspiration. pinterest was a big help to me, but it can actually overwhelm you if you don't have any sort of idea about what you want for your wedding. one of the first things i decided on was the color and the theme. check out my pinterest wedding board to get an idea. :)

in the end, i think everything worked out well. i loved the idea of japanese lanterns, so i asked to have it at the reception. the cake was really pretty. jp and i had a bit of a hard time slicing (blame it on nerves), but we managed to get a piece. i took a picture of the entourage gowns when they were delivered to my suite. beautiful! the personalized m&m's were a last-minute thing i thought of. i had my mom bring it over from the states. 


the flowers were so beautiful, and so were the letter-pressed invites. 


i must say, we all looked so pretty.



even if there were a couple of minor things that i thought didn't go as planned, in the end, i really didn't care that much anymore. i just let the day go on, and we had a lot of fun. 

wedding details:
hair and makeup: vanessa t. gamus
gown and entourage attire: dino lloren
flowers: pink flora
invitations: twenty-o-four
lights & sound: gap mobile
event coordination: snoogie mata


  1. Congratulations, Ays! :) Here's to a wonderful new journey up ahead. Welcome to married life!

  2. Congrats on your wedding sis. After the wedding now comes the most wonderful part of the married life - making a family...Enjoy the wedded bliss and hope to see you blogging about a little bundle of joy in this blog soon


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