29 June 2013

so i made carrot bread

this week i wanted to bake something, but since i've been told i need to stay off sugar and carbs, i had to look for diabetic-friendly recipes. i'm NOT diabetic, mind you, but i figure i should eat like one, to give me a little push towards more healthful eating.

thanks to pinterest, i managed to find this recipe, and i tried it out with a few modifications. for example, instead of using almond flour (which i couldn't find), i used wholemeal flour. and instead of pumpkin pie spice, i used grated cinnamon.


mixed the dry and wet ingredients separately, and then put them together, and place in a bread pan and put in the oven. 


here's the before and after...



perfect for afternoon tea

merienda time...baked myself a nice loaf of carrot bread and tea on the side

i did make the buttercream frosting that's supposed to be spread on top, but i was just too concerned about the sugar and the calories from the cream cheese, butter and sweetener, that i didn't eat a lot of it with the bread.

the bread tasted good, but it wasn't as moist as i wanted it to be, so i guess i have to try again. since i prefer cooking on the stove as opposed to using the oven, i think i need a bit more practice with baking. who knows, maybe i'll make my own cupcakes one of these days. 

what about you, what have you been whipping up in your kitchen?


  1. Very nice! Good job on the substitutions too!

    I haven't been cooking or baking lately.

    Lately = Past 4 years

    Hahaha! You make baking carrot cake seem so easy though.

  2. Nice! your very exploratory in doing that recipe

  3. hey Toni! you should try again one of these days. therapeutic, i think. :)

  4. oh no. this is one of my dreams. to actually bake from scratch. i do bake but mostly instant mixes. haha. i wanna try doing this too :)

  5. hi camille, i used instant mixes just to get a feel for baking. now i'm progressing to actually making my own batter. hopefully, i'll be able to make more baked goods :)


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