22 June 2013

last stop for summer 2013: boracay!

we had a one-day stop in cebu after the coron trip, and then we were off to boracay for jp's cousin's wedding. although i've been here a couple of times, and i'm concerned about the commercialization, boracay is still a nice place to go to. the sand! that's what i love about this island!

beachfront-shangrila boracay

more after the jump...

we swam, we had shakes from jonah's...


and then we did something we never did before (as a couple): we suited up. well, life vest-suited up. haha. normally, i would be the one pushing jp to do this. amazingly, this time around, he was the one who urged me to go. i was perfectly content just walking around the beach. 


and away we went...


jp in boracay

the day after was the wedding. we had a couple of hours to go before the wedding, so we went up to shangri-la to hang out. can i just say, shangri-la boracay is beautiful (expensive, but beautiful). this is the view from jp's cousin's room. 

shang view

in the afternoon, we attended the church wedding, and then went back to shangri-la for the reception.  i love the idea of lighting sparklers and neon lights for the couple's entrance.


and the little wedding details..


this dude was pretty happy..


and then the next day we went back to cebu before heading back to singapore, to officially begin life as a married couple. this concludes our summer of 2013. it was fun, crazy hectic, but totally worth everything, since we got to be with our families and then spend it on the philippines' beautiful islands. 
so, how did your summer go? 

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  1. Nothing really beats the sand of Boracay. Just walking barefooted on this very fine white sands of Boracay already makes your Boracay experience complete! :)


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