07 May 2013

the singapore library

someone sent me a message that i should post more entries about living in singapore. i guess she meant useful ones, like housing, food, jobs, etc. maybe some other day, i think i will have to enlist my friends' inputs for those. but for now, let me tell you about one of my favorite places in the city.

so last month, i was reviewing for an exam, and when i study, i need a quiet place where i can't be distracted. i could stay in my room at the flat, but that actually poses a couple of problems: 1) there's a TV in the room, so i will be tempted to watch, 2) i can't have the aircon on all afternoon, since that'll drive our electricity bill way up 3) i will be tempted to go to the kitchen and eat. haha. 

anyway, i decided to hang out at the national libary out in the city for a couple of days. it's such a nice place to study, i would sit most afternoons in their study hall, along with students. 


it's also one of those buildings that the singapore government put a lot of thought into. the structure of the building is really nice.


and apparently, there's a school and theater inside too.
library directory

rows and rows of books that you can browse and borrow.

bookshelves at library

while i was there, i renewed my membership so i can borrow a couple of books (that saves me a lot of money). to borrow, no need to go to the librarian to have your book stamped. it works like a checkout counter at the grocery.

book machine at library

and voila! you have the book for three weeks.


and there's no need to worry about missing your due date, since you can just drop your books at this machine (24-hours!)


the library has several branches around singapore, so there's really no need to go to the city for study or research. even after i finished (and passed!) the exam, i kept on going to the library to read magazines and browse books which i otherwise would have bought from the store. and of course: to cool off and sit down after walking around the city. 



  1. Hi sis...It is always nice to touch bases with fellow Pinay blogger like me. Been here from Google, my first time here but I know it wont be the last.

    Keep on blogging and inspiring others thru your stories and thru your blog.

    And BTW, blogging about life in Singapore is such a great idea, it will also help Pinoys contemplating in working and moving to Singapore. Your Singapore Life posts will surely be a window to us....

  2. hey cielo! thanks a lot for dropping by. i will be writing some more singapore posts soon. hope you visit again :)


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