29 March 2013

cooked: tilapia in coconut milk

this holy week, jp and i agreed that we will abstain from eating meat until easter sunday. here's one dish i cooked for dinner.  i got the recipe from good housekeeping philippines' "fast and easy" cookbook, which i brought to singapore from manila. this cookbook has served me well when i'm stumped for what to cook for my sister's baon and our dinner.

good housekeeping book1
my ingredients:
-salt and pepper, which you rub onto the fish
-coconut milk, minced garlic, onions, and ginger


and the fish wrapped in pechay leaves. by the way, the fish's insides were NOT cleaned out yet, so i had to do it myself. i have to thank my mom who assigned the duty of going to market to me when i was younger. i was able to observe the fish vendors how to properly clean the fish. somehow, i managed to recall how to do it.


i basically just followed the steps in the cookbook. here you go:

ginataang tilapia

it came out similar to the picture in the book, so i was happy about that. here's a picture while it was cooking:


the only problem jp and i had with this is the fact that i forgot to remove the scales off the fish. haha! that was quite annoying. but overall, we liked this dish. but i will probably try another type of fish next time. 


  1. impressive pa rin sa paglinis ng isda :D marunong lang ako magkaliskis, at ang gamit ko pa ay kustara para nde masyadong delikado

  2. wow,special skills ang pagalis ng kaliskis.haha


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