29 January 2013

my juju cleanse experience

last year, i read about the juju cleanse from a lot of filipino bloggers. and since i spent a couple of weeks in manila,  i decide to try it, right after new year's, since i figured all celebrations (and therefore, pigging out on delicious pinoy food) are done.

the concept is simple: detoxification of your system by taking healthy juices, prepared daily. i know enough about detox to understand that it's not a weight-loss solution. so i had no fantasies that i will lose pounds when i try this out. it's simply letting your body take a break from heavy (and oftentimes, unhealthy) food and other toxins that affect your system from functioning efficiently.

i ordered my three-day kit two days before the day i wanted to start the cleanse. i chose those days where i know i won't be going out of the house for any errands. i paid via bank deposit and kat, the owner, texted me where i can pick up the kit. i wanted it delivered to my aunt's office in makati, but with manila's crazy traffic situation, kat and i agreed that picking it up was the better option.

i got this cute canvas bag with six bottles of juice, and read the instructions carefully.

juju cleanse

during the cleanse, you're not supposed to eat anything, save for a couple of pieces of cucumber or some vegetables if you really feel hungry. i drank one bottle every two and a half hours, with a couple of glasses of water in between. i must say that the juice servings are large, more than enough to not make you feel hungry during the day. on the first day, i got a mild headache, but i read from reviews that i'm supposed to drink more water. so i did.  i also slept a lot to prevent myself from eating. haha.

at the end of the third day, i was so glad to have completed the cleanse. the result: no weight loss (of course, that's only three days!), but my tummy got a bit smaller and i think my skin looked a little bit better. i did feel lighter afterwards. and in the next few days (and until now),  i started drinking a lot of water throughout the day. also, i actually ate less fried foods and went for more vegetables and fruits, something i'm going to do more often. 

my personal review: the cleanse is a good way to start, if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes. although a lot of people say that it's pricey, you are assured that you get the freshest juices from organically-grown vegetables and fruits, so i think that's worth the price. if you are bothered by the price, i think anyone with a juicer/blender can make their own juice and have their own version of the juju cleanse at home, anytime. 

would i recommend it? definitely! actually, i'd recommend a cleanse every few months within the year (even if it's not the juju cleanse),  just so you can let your body reset and recharge. 

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  1. Nice one, Ays! Thinking of going on an all-juice fast myself.


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