06 November 2012

tuesday travel throwback:milwaukee

if you've seen the movie "bridesmaids", you would have seen this structure in one of the earlier scenes:

picture from the examiner

recently, i was going through my old pictures and realized i've been there before. way back in 2004, when i visited my sister in milwaukee. here it is from another angle. it's the milwaukee art museum. we didn't go inside. haha. 


we went around downtown milwaukee instead, because it was a nice fall day.

more milwaukee pictures here

01 November 2012

jp meets the family

we took advantage of the long weekend to have jp meet my family before flying off to cebu to work on our wedding. this was jp's reaction. haha.

jp is meeting my dad this weekend..this is his reaction.haha!

we ate at abe's at the fort. that place has seriously good filipino food. here we are after lunch..



so now, he is part of the family...

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