22 October 2012

what are your 5 favorite books of all time?

i have talked many times about books in this space, but i realized i never really talked about my absolute favorites. you know, the type of book you'd read over and over and never get tired of. the ones  that, if you get stuck in an island for a week, you won't really mind because you have these to keep you company. they won't help you find food or lodging, but the books will keep you entertained. at worst, you can eat the pages. but you get my point, right? out of the endless number of books out there, you probably have a couple that you always go back to, no matter how many there are already in your collection. here's my top 5:

Love in the Time of Cholera -- if a guy never gives up on you and waits for you even if you get old and    have lost your beauty, that's love. but it's not to say he won't have affairs while waiting, but still. i sincerely hope that people get to read at least one gabriel garcia marquez book in their lifetime. even if it's not this one. his writing style is really something else. this is why i have read this book so many times. this was made into a movie, which was not really good. but javier bardem was in it. so that's a bit of consolation. 

Whitney, My Love -- my older sister and her friends were into reading these books way back in high school and were all gushing about this book (and other works by macnaught), so i went ahead and read it too. more than 15 years later, i bought a copy of the book here in singapore  and it became my go-to book for when i realized i was getting seriously jaded and cynical. 

Eat, Pray, Love -- i've written about this and its movie(not good). no matter what the reviews say, i personally think this is a good book, not mainly for the many quotable quotes you'll get (especially when you read this when you're depressed), but really for the vivid description of the places she went to. if you were stuck in an island and then you read this, you'll be transported to italy, india and bali. great escape, if you ask me. 

Tuesdays with Morrie -- this is my favorite line: "There is everything you know and there is everything that happens. When the two do not line up, you make a choice". Every student should read this book.

Like Water for Chocolate -- i love this book because of the connection to food and cooking. and the way the story's told runs along the lines of gabriel garcia marquez's style. i love how the are recipes included in the story. 

so these are my 5 all time favorite books. i know there's no "classics" there (i.e. jane austen, dickens, etc), but i hardly think i can handle reading those if i ever get stranded in an island. between you and me, i struggled to finish those kinds of books. haha. so, what about you, what are your five favorite books?

15 October 2012

our f1 weekend-in a slideshow

there was an episode in how i met your mother where marshall had a little too much fun making graphs and charts, his friends actually had to do an intervention. it'll probably be the same for me. ever since i moved from windows to mac, i've been planning to try out a couple of it's features, thinking of what to do with my pictures.

presenting..my first slideshow! i used the default settings on the iphoto application, so it's pretty basic. once i figure out more of the settings, i'll probably do some more slideshows with a bit of... pizazz! haha. so prepare yourselves for more of these in the blog. :)

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